Tips for playing Pokemon Go in Indianapolis

Get up, get out, and explore! That’s one of the taglines for the latest, über popular “amplified reality” phone game-apps, Pokémon GO. And the good news is, you really only need a pair of comfortable shoes and a cell phone to play. Really—that’s all! Anyone can do it, it’s easy.

Well ,OK. Wait. If you’ve been living the recluse life for the past few decades and have no idea what I’m talking about, then it might not seem that easy. No worries. The Internet exists for people like you (and, er, um, me). Check out the Complete Beginner’s Guide to Pokémon by TechRadar—it walks you through the basics and will have you outside chasing the little pocket monsters in no time at all. Then, once you’re ready, go explore — because as it turns out, the Circle City is a mecca for the tiny, animal-like creatures. Here’s a short guide to a few hot spots where Pokémon have been spotted throughout White River State Park — the center for all things going on in downtown Indy.

Read more: Map of Pokemon Go sites and Where to hunt for Pokemon Go and 18 Pokemon Go gyms and Where to find rare Pokemon Go critters


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