A short list of some hot local merchants in Indianapolis

Big department stores are easy to find—and typically, they pull in more than their fair share of shoppers, but if you’re searching for a gift that’s a little more unique than what’s on the shelf at say Macy’s or even Nordstrom, then you need to shop local. And by local, think small, independent stores that don’t carry a multitude of sizes in the exact same style. So to keep you from falling off the bah humbug ledge while searching for that something special, here’s a short guide to a two hotspots for shopping within the greater Indianapolis area; Mass Ave and Broad Ripple. And rest assured, if neither of these stores fits your fancy, there’re plenty of other independently owned shops nearby where you’re sure to find that something special, for that someone special … or yourself, for that matter. 

 A short list of where to shop locally in the Circle City  … complied by yours truly, published by MapQuest. PHOTO CREDIT: again, yours truly … taken from across the street, looking at Silver in the City, my personal go-to favorite for all things cool and gifty. 



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