From one of the best seats in the Midwest

I’ve never been a huge concert goer. I mean I love music and have my favorite singers, but not so much that I make a habit of traveling the region just to see someone perform. All the same, I’ve been to pretty big shows …

U2—awesome. Unparalleled. Would go again.

The Rolling Stones—like U2, awesome. Although my favorite song, Ruby Tuesday, was the one they choose to play when I was in the restroom. Seriously?? Jerks. 

Tim McGraw … Kenny Chesney … Alabama … Eric Church … Garth Brooks (does that date me?) … 

Air Supply—OK. Now that dates me … what can I say. I was in high school and my boyfriend took me, Needless to say I was all outa love pretty fast after that.

The Grateful Dead—I can explain … well, no, actually I can’t just leave it at that.

Weird Al Yankovic—yea. But this one (unlike the Dead) I can explain … 

So a few weeks ago (it was June actually, June 2016) I was on a press trip and part of the trip included a Weird Al concert. At first, I admit, I thought about skipping it all together. I mean who goes to see Weird Al? But I was a good sport, I went, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed his off-the-cuff, dare I say, bordering on rude, obnoxious lyrics. (What can I say. He’s my kinda guy. Speaks his mind and doesn’t care who hears. Love it!) Anyway, it was great. BUT … what made it great wasn’t so much the “born-again” rock star (is Weird Al a rock star??) but the venue.

IMG_3586The 90-minute concert was at the Farm Bureau Lawn at White River State Park, Indianapolis. It’s an outdoor arena with just the right amount of seats to accommodate a perfect view and killer sound from every spot. Needless to say, I loved it. Couldn’t wait to go back … so a few weeks later, I had an opportunity to be front and center with THE band. THE band I would actually travel for. THE band that makes me happy every time I hear them, every time I picture their faces … THE band whose lyrics speak to me like I cannot, nor will even attempt, to explain here. THE band, that when performing a few feet from me under a breathtaking setting sun, was able to do just that—take my breath away.

So, if you get the chance, GO! Find a concert, any concert, at the lawn at White River State Park, and go! You’ll love it—be it Weird Al, the Goo Goo Dolls (yes, they are THE band) or anyone else. By the way, shouldn’t rockstar be one word??

PHOTO CREDIT: The Lawn at White River State Park, 2015-WRSP: The Goo Goo Dolls front man John Rzeznik, that one’s all me.

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