How to get your inner gangster on in Indy

People are creatures of habit. And often times we fail to visit some of the most notable places that reside right under our noses—like an Indianapolis local that’s never been to the Motor Speedway. But, while the Speedway may get its fair share of out-of-town visitors and local race enthusiasts alike, there are a number of far more interesting places to check out in Indy—some with a history even crazier than an Indy car traveling 200 miles per hour. Here are two noteworthy spots where you can get your inner gangster on in the Circle City. 

Infamous bank robber John Dillinger is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis. But oddly enough, due to damage caused by attempted grave robbers and souvenir-searching amateurs, his plaque has been replaced four times since his death in 1934. More recently, in order to try and protect the gangster’s remains, his family had his body exhumed and reburied under an almost impossible to penetrate mixture of concrete and iron. 700 W 38th St, Indianapolis

If your curiosity spikes after visiting John Dillinger’s grave marker, then take a trip downtown to the Slippery Noodle. Often referred to as the best blues house in the Midwest, the building dates back to 1850 and has been everything from a bordello, to a way station for the Underground Railroad, a liquor distillery during prohibition, a slaughterhouse, and a place to practice target shooting for Dillinger’s gang of robbers and murderers. In fact, a number of slugs are still embedded in one of the Noodle’s walls. 372 S Meridian St, Indianapolis


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