Where to find oysters in Indianapolis

August 5 is National Oyster Day,which is great if you love the little Bivalvia and happen to live in a coastal town, but what if you’re in landlocked Indianapolis? How do you help celebrate? Where can you find a hearty supply of fresh-shucked oysters and all of the required accoutrements? As it turns out, you can find them in a lot of restaurants in and around town—and they’re just as fresh as if they were plucked from the sea moments before ordering. Here are five popular places where you can get out and enjoy National Oyster Day in the Circle City—YUM!

Where to find the Oysters in the Circle City … complied by yours truly, published by MapQuest. PHOTO CREDIT: By Mariebergsskolan NOTE … since this published it’s come to my attention that Mitchells no longer offers oysters for home preparation. But, they still have some of the best in town—so go! Eat! Enjoy!


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