The NCAA Hall of Champions

You don’t have to be a sports enthusiast of any kind to be enthralled by the accomplishments honored in the NCAA Hall of Champions. Unlike Canton, Ohio’s Football Hall of Fame, Louisville’s Kentucky Derby Museum or the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museumanother cool sports museum located in Indy that although I’ve yet to visit, I’ve heard its quite the spectacle and something all racing fans should see—the NCAA Hall of Champions doesn’t cater to one sport. But what is does do is showcase great moments and great performances throughout its history.

Inside the two-story building, which just happens to sit next to the NCAA national office, you can literally walk a timeline showcasing individual sports and the advancements made to the equipment used, the uniforms worn, let alone the impressive athletic performances recorded by hundreds of student athletes.

Think you have what it takes to be a college athlete? Try your hand at hitting a 100 mph tennis ball, or step into a ski simulator—both of these interactive exhibits are located on the second floor amongst other relics and modern-day trinkets donated by various schools. And while you’re there be sure to look up … and by up, I mean up. Inside the welcome area from your right to your left, you’ll spot lifelike statues of a diver making his way from the 10-meter platform to the water. And in perfect form, I might add.

You’ll also find current team rankings as well as many interesting historical facts that describe in detail, how the current state-of-the-sport came to be. Want to know more about the Flying Wedge (seen here)? How it came to be … during the 1892 Harvard v. Yale game … and why, despite its success at moving the ball forward, why it was banned from competition two seasons later in 1884?? Then come! Visit the NCAA Hall of Champions where you can honor great accomplishments on the field and off, all while learning a little bit more about how sports came to be such an integral part of our collegiate system. Cost of admission: Adults, $5.00; Seniors and youth ages 6-18, $3.00. Five and under get in free.


One thought on “The NCAA Hall of Champions

  1. I have been to the museum, quite impressive and a great showcase of our countries student athletes. One of the many great museums in downtown Indianapolis.


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