OMG the airport is not the place to groom oneself! EVER!!

I read my horoscope today. I don’t usually read my horoscope but I’m traveling today and when I travel I have a tendency to read just about anything to help my mind forget it’s some 30,000 plus miles in the air. Major sidebar here – but why the hell does the lady in front of me think it’s OK to clip and file her nails whilst flying the friendly skies? I don’t know who she is, but the thought of her ever growing pile of debris is quickly turning these particular skies into a very unfriendly place. Anyway, as it turns out, my celestial outlook for the next month is pretty average – probably a simple rewording of last month’s prediction, but the very last sentence in unlike anything I’ve read in a horoscope before:

Dawn does not come twice to awaken any of us.

Hmmm …

For the first time in my life I have just read a horoscope worthy of paying credence too. A sentence worthy of closing a valedictorian’s speech to his fellow graduating classmates. Worthy of a presidential inaugural address. A parent’s issuing to a child. Possibly even worthy of tattooing in some pretty scroll across my right arm (if I were an ink person that is). And certainly worthy of repeating to the entire world if I were given the podium for a few minutes – should they want to listen … er, I mean read … Back to my sidebar, Suzy Chapstick (yes, I’ve named her) is now peeling a hard-boiled egg … the debris pile grows. IF she is on my plane the skies above will not be anything even close to friendly.

I don’t have a long list of worldly advice to bestow on people – the proverbial “do unto others as we would want done to us” is nice, but let’s face it, humans make mistakes and when we don’t “do unto others” we are given the chance to learn. To repent when needed – to make amends when warranted – to move forward, always. To let the dawn wake us … even if takes a few succeeding day breaks to do so. Well crap – she just offered me a tangerine and what looks like a homemade muffin … I decline … but I’m feeling sort of bad for being annoyed with her – I should probably take heed as I sit here with my $6 cup of coffee, $3 scone and $4 bottle of water … I’m doing the math … add on the $29 lip gloss I bought at the beauty bar in Huston International because I forgot mine at home and it’s not looking good … $4 magazine … I’ll bet she has more money in the bank that I do.

Hmmm ….

Dawn wakes no one twice. Repeat after me … Dawn wakes no one twice. Suddenly her homemade home-packed snacks are more appealing … still doesn’t excuse the public display of public grooming … ah, what the heck,

“On second thought, I’d love a tangerine.”

Originally published on my other blog: The Flavored Word  PHOTO CREDIT: Flickr user Axwel via Wikimedia Commons


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