The Most Eclectic Shopping in Indy

Whether you’re looking for artistic, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces; cool Indiana-inspired t-shirts; the perfect birthday card; or something bordering on outlandish and maybe even a little offensive, this store is bound to have it … really! Silver in the City is a mecca for eclectic goodies. And the staff is beyond congenial. My favorite will always be the original on Mass Ave but they opened a second store in Carmel, for anyone not wanting to take the trip downtown. A few of the things you’ll find …

Socks with not-so-very politically correct sayings

Same sex wedding gifts

Candies wrapped with insulting, albeit hilarious, sayings  

Potted terrariums

Genius combinations of scented candles

And unique, seasonal gifts

Enjoy! And if you go, do drop me a line and let me know what fun things you find.


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