Shauna NoslerShauna Nosler was born in Seattle and grew up in and around Oregon’s Willamette Valley and it was her high school A.P. English teacher that spurred her initial interest in the wide, wide world of the written word. She moved to the greater Indianapolis area with her family in the mid 90s and immediately fell in love with the Midwest—and now, she considers herself lucky to have the opportunity to explore the region and all of its massive wonders.

“When I took my A.P. exam, rather than stick with the provided suggestions I challenged the academic standard and submitted an essay on Flaubert’s Madame Bovary. It was a gamble but it paid off with a passing score that granted me a year’s worth of college English credit … I still write like that … I like to take chances to diversify myself … although my style is still definitely emerging.”

“I have penned articles for many different businesses — Susan G. Komen, The American Heart Association, American Builders and Contractor Association … I’ve created quick blurbs on fashion trends, reported breaking AP news, written long features on national events like GenCon and the USGA Women’s Amateur Championship, as well as short pieces covering everything from gutter installation to Social Security to nursing careers … I have written three mainstream fiction books — one that is available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble — and am currently completing my first YA novel. I love the versatile nature of being a correspondent as much as I love writing fiction, and while I enjoy blogging my quirky take on the world around me at The Flavored Word, it’s the travel pieces and city guides you find here at Best, From the Midwest, that take me to the places I love the most.”