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Work with me … Want to work with me? Cool. Drop me a note! A few of the publications where my work is featured and organizations I partner with are listed to the right—or below, if you’re here from a mobile site.

How to be featured here … If you represent a business and want to be featured here on Best from Indianapolis, let me know. I’m open to trying new places in the Circle City (and beyond)—besides, the more sites featured here, the better source it becomes for travelers to the Circle City.

Collaborate … I’m looking to collaborate with other travel writers in the Midwest region— or anywhere else for that matter, don’t be afraid to reach out. My mind is always open (well, not always, but catch me on a good day and one never knows where our adventures could go).

Sponsorship … Interested in sponsorship? Cool so am I. Contact me—what’d ya’ have in mind??

Bring the Best from the Midwest to you … I’m open to going just about anywhere—Greenland you say? Uh, er, I’ll have to get back to you on that. And if you’re involved with any of these places (below), I’d love to come visit and get some information posted here on Best, from Indianapolis—because hey, everyone needs to learn more about what’s beyond their front door.

Top 10 12 Travel the Midwest Bucket List

  1. Glamping—anywhere, but preferably near water and not too high up a tree
  2. Snow skiing in northern Michigan
  3. Lake houses, lake retreats—anywhere in the Midwest
  4. Des Moines—it made U.S. News & World Report’s best cities in the country list, I want to know why? What make this town tick?
  5. Sundara Inn and Spa, Wisconsin Dells
  6. Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri
  7. Midwest spas—I’ve been to some pretty cool ones, but none in the Midwest. Find me one! Take my breath away
  8. French Lick, Indiana—oddly enough, I’ve never been
  9. Small, quaint towns with a story
  10. The Bourbon Trail, Kentuky 
  11. Sandhill Crane viewing at Rowe Sanctuary
  12. Dude ranch—preferably a working one

Top 10 Travel Beyond the Midwest Bucket List

  1. Rancho La Puerta, Mexico—yes, I’ve been. And yes, I want to go back …
  2. Canyon Ranch Spa
  3. Capri—or anywhere in Italy
  4. The Greek Islands—think Mama Mia
  5. The Hawaiian Islands I haven’t been to: Kauai, Lani, Niihau (Yes, I’ve been to the Big Island, Oahu, Maui and even Molokai)
  6. Miramar—need I explain why?
  7. Any big city—think top 15 metropolitan areas—anywhere in the U.S.
  8. Any beach, any where
  9. Trunk Lagoon—and yes, I am PADI certified
  10. Normandy

Hope to hear from you soon!